Jail Themes – the School to Prison Pipeline

Reports about a jail-themed playground in Bed-Stuy called to mind a public school I once encountered in New Orleans where students were outfitted in expressly prison orange uniforms.

The school to prison pipeline, which links school discipline policy and prison ranks, is of national significance but probably most telling in post-Katrina New Orleans. This report is from 2006, but describes the situation well:

…lack of resources and the failure to provide quality education, combined with overly harsh and punitive discipline policies that criminalize and exclude youth from traditional education settings – has created what many now call the School-to-Prison Pipeline…

Historical inequities, such as segregated education, concentrated poverty, and racial disparities in law enforcement, all feed the pipeline.

Other things that feed the pipeline include the entire economy of police, guards, other professions kept afloat in the prison industrial complex.


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