Detroit Public Schools Partner with Walmart

11 weeks of job-readiness training for 60 students in 4 Detroit public high schools. Students receive 10 credits and a guaranteed after school job at Walmart. Walmart is one of 20 other participating companies linking 240 students to jobs.

Knowing that the partner here is Walmart has sent this into controversy sooner than probably any other partnership of this kind:

You live in poverty, and you will stay there while Walmart continues to gobble up everything in its path.

Do you see this more as an exploitation of the poor or a necessary evil to keep schools running during hard times?

Do kids leave high school feeling motivated to invent the next Google? Or, do they just want a job.

Unemployment rate in Detroit is 30% officially, 50% unofficially.

Detroit teachers have been forced to make long-term, interest-free and unsecured loans to the district out of their paychecks. 29 Detroit public schools have been closed to cut costs. The 84,000-student system could face additional layoffs and about 40 more school closings.

The entire situation neatly sums up the challenges facing many urban districts today while also questioning the future and foundations of modern public education.Cover more needs with less resources. Make tough trade-offs for tough times.


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